Sabin Drywind

GM's example character, a thief learning to reverse engineer (stolen) Magecraft relics.


Name: Sabin Drywood Race: Human

Attributes: d8 Agility, d8 Smarts, d4 Spirit, d6 Strength, d6 Vigor.

Skill: d6 Climb, d4 Fighting, d4 Guts, d6 Lock picking, d6 Magecraft, d4 Notice, d4 throwing, d4 Streetwise.

Edges: Arcane Background(magecraft), Thief.

Hindrances: Poverty(minor), Wanted(minor), Curious(major).

Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 6(1) Charisma: +0


2 daggers (d4 + d6 damage, in sheathes on belt, hidden by long jacket, easy to find when searched)

3 throwing daggers (+1 to hit with throwing, -1 to hit with fighting, on inside of jacket, hidden)

Leather armor

Plan B Magecraft rod, Power: Burst, Power points: 10, Activation cost: 2, Damage: 2d10, Range: Cone Template, Notes: Heavy Weapon, necromantic energy erupts from it when activated, disintegrating… stuff. It was stolen, Sabin didn’t chose the energy type. He’s reverse engineering Magecraft from it, so like it or not it’s the only type of energy he know how to manipulate. On the plus side using the power gives him a necromantic aura causing undead to view him as an ally (they get -1 to hit him when ordered to because of this compulsion).


Sabin is the son of a desert nomad who abandoned his culture for the benefits of city life, and a human city dweller. Being a nomad by nature, Sabin’s fathers wanderlust eventually got the better of him and he left leaving Sabin, his eldest son, to provide for the family. At first Sabin accomplished this through theft, but now, having had a run in or two with the authorities and anxious to satisfy his newfound curiosity in magic, he has turned to treasure hunting.

Sabin Drywind

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