Setting Rules

Magic in Solis.

All magic native to solis exists in the form of devices. This includes devices that actually cast spells and others that use magic to power otherwise impossible mechanisms. There are two types of Arcane backgrounds native to solis, Weird Science (as per SW:EE) and Divine Inspiration.

A Solan Weird Scientist is referred to as a Mage and they create “magecraft” devices. Many “Magic” devices are produced in large quantities however such devices are generally possess only a fraction of the power of a true magecraft device. On the other hand ancient devices exist which make Magecraft devices look like child’s play.

Divine inspiration is a new AB based on weird science for those of religious inclination. Divine inspiration allows a character to create magical and technological marvels thanks to The Creator’s insight. A Divine inspiration user is referred to by their rank in the church or order and devices they create are called relics. Unlike Magecraft devices Relics never malfunction however they will not work properly for the unfaithful and follow the rules for sins from AB:Miracles. Divine inspiration may be used to qualify for any edge which requires AB: Miracles, but not any edge that requires AB: weird science. Only the Creator grants Divine inspiration.

The all 4 other ABs are available but the character with them automatically gains the outsider hindrance at no benefit.

In the Colian Empire, AB:Magic and miracles take their usual place in a fantasy setting(ie. mages are mages and clerics are clerics) but are exceedingly rare. Magic and Miracles work as described in the SW core rules.

AB:Superpowers is used by shamans in more uncivilized areas, each power is a pact with a spirit and the skill die is the shaman’s bond with that particular spirit. To learn a new power (and buy the appropriate skill) a shaman must make contact with a relevant spirit. For example a shaman must got to a lake to find a water spirit, or a grotto to find an earth spirit. All shaman skills are linked to spirit as it helps them bend spirits to their will.

AB:Psionics are to the Jalan Emipre what Weird Science is to Solis, however, it always follows the following rules. Psions play an important role in Jalan religion which focuses on the potential of the human mind. Therefore psions are treated with special respect and are encouraged to become priests. Because of the focus required to use their powers, psions do not regain power points while distracted in any way, however when they are able to focus/meditate psions are treated as having rapid recharge. In an ordinarily distracting situation such as traveling or being in the presence of loud noise a psion may roll spirit to enter a trance, once in a trance the psion is treated as being asleep for all purposes but fatigue recovery.

Setting Rules

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