So, you fancy yourself a treasure hunter, do you?

Well, Solis is the right place. Here Magic is Invention. Rather than tomes of undecipherable spells, a solan mage’s legacy is his arsenal of inventions. In addition to this, relics of ancient civilizations are to be found, surpassing any magic of this age.

Captured your interest, have I? I must warn you, solan relic hunts have held the first place in Gospiel and Hun’s “Compilation of Hazardous Occupations” since it’s first publication. And for good reason, only 1 of 10 adventurers make it through their first hunt without a permanent injury of some kind, including death. I suppose that’s the appeal. At one time I would have said those were odds to bet on.

Farewell adventurer.

-One Armed man.

Artifice Arcana